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Brain RX programme

Our unique approach to brain training not only sets the right goals for clients, but also helps our clients to achieve them.

At “Brain Rx” we test every client to identify their weak skills and then give them personal brain trainer to target and strengthen those skills. Stronger cognitive skills make learning easier, faster and better. That’s the uniqueness of “Brain Rx “ programme.

Based on published research, our individual brain training sessions have changed the skills and lives of over 95 000 kids.

Imagine a day, when learning and everyday life are fun again, when reading, remembering, problem solving and paying attention are easier and less stressful.

The Gibson test of cognitive skills.


What if you could identify the cognitive weakness behind a learning struggle… and then strengthen it.

The Gibson Test is used to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses of children and adults  from age six and older. The test scientifically measures key foundational learning skills: memory, processing speed, auditory processing, visual processing, logic & reasoning and word attack skills. Once cognitive weaknesses are identified, they can be strengthened, what typically addresses the root of the problem and removes frustrating obstacles of learning. Weak skills can be strengthened through brain training.


During the last 36 years, this wonderful

methodic had helped children and grown-ups to improve

results and solve problems with learning when:

Attention is not kept

Difficult to read and understand the material

Unpredictable behavior

References / rules are not followed

Weak analytical skills

Information is not assimilated

If you or your family member is facing
similar problems, we can help.

Stories and comments of our clients (USA)
evidence the effectiveness of “BrainRx” program.

This program really works