About us

About us


“Brain Gym” is the first skills developing centre in Baltic countries, which works on one of the most effective programs in the world “BrainRx”, and its essence is individual work with the client.

During the last 36 years, this wonderful
methodic had helped children and grown-ups to improve
results and solve problems with learning when:

Attention is not kept

Difficult to read and understand the material

Unpredictable behavior

References / rules are not followed

More time than others is necessary to answer the question

Weak analytical skills

Information is not assimilated

Our coaches


Only qualified coaches, who have completed intensive training programe and have defended their „Brain Rx“ qualification are allowed to join our team. Most of them are psychology and pedagogy experts.

Domantė Padleckaitė
Center manager and coach.
Studies: IBS International Business Bachelor.

“I was extremely fascinated by the fact that this program teaches children how to learn effectively. After completing our training, students will save a lot of time, which will be dedicated for additional development. Parents will spend much less money, because there will be no need to hire tutors throughout the year.”


Our history


About founder of “Brain Rx”

Doctor Ken Gibson has been constantly thinking and dealing how to help children who have learning difficulties.

When he was young, he was hardly reading, although most of his other skills were strong. This disease is now called dyslexia. The majority of pupils and students confront the same kind of difficulties as Gibson. According to him, it took more time to do everything. He had to learn hard and patiently to compensate the defects.

In 1980, Dr. K.Gibson created the first program to improve learning skills. These were the first steps in educationof brain activity. Exercises were tested and evaluated by specialists. After the news about this effective program had spread extremely quickly , Dr. K.Gibson decided to make it accessible for everyone. Thus, the „Brain Rx“ program was born. Training has spread across the United States of America: 87 centers are operatig in North America ane 36 international centers are set up in other parts of the world.

Gibson wanted parents to understand how ADHD or dyslexia reduces possibilities to learn. Now there is a great opportunity to help children!

“Brain Gym” history

“Brain Gym” centre was established in spring 2016.

Parents often plunge into reverie why one child needs more time to do the same exercise as the other child does. There are such children who spend more time learning, and other children, who spend little time to get perfect results. We have been researching brain developing exercises while looking for the reason. They are created to develop skills and remember understandable information. After comparing several methods we understood that this is the only method that strengthens all 7 basic cognitive fields, which are responsible for our brain activity and skills. This method is exercised individually with the coach.

Therefore, we liked this wonderful method so much. Unfortunately, there was nothing similar in Lithuania and near. That is why we had two ways – to forget everything, or to open a teaching centre on our own. We have contacted “BrainRx” establishers and founders in America and got their permission to represent this method in Lithuania. We went to Colorado Spings (USA), became certified founders and opened the first centre in Vilnius.


This program works!